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Offering all the iced blended beverages your customers could dream of ?

Are you making a full line of custom iced blended drinks? If not, you should be taking advantage of one of the largest free online drink recipe books available! OURS! Our recipes will give you the freedom to make nearly any frozen beverage – Coffee, Fruit, and Bar recipes are all included! Your customers will […]

What are you doing with Frozen X-Plosion this summer?

Frozen Xplosion puts the freedom in your hands to make the perfect iced blended drink, and the one your customer will love! We provide everything you need to make DELICIOUS smoothies and frappes, YOU just bring the creativity ( however we can even provide that). Here is a favorite from a coffee shop on Camano […]

Frozen X-Plosion For Holiday Blended Ice Coffee & Smoothie Drinks

“We’ve been experimenting with some other different holiday specialty drinks to offer our customers this year.  Instead of just the usual  “candy cane lattes” and Italian sodas, we will be offering blended iced coffees and smoothies with the same cherry and mint flavors.  Because we have focused on the smoothies during the holidays our business has […]

Day 1 at Art By The Bay

Day ONE at Art By The Bay was a blast! It was nice to see the sun out and people having fun. Thanks to all of you who stopped by our booth and said hi, we hope we were able to cool you off with a Frozen Xplosion. -A special thanks to those of you […]

Why Blend?

Ok, Lets face that question you may have, The Why Blend Question… You sell coffee and sales are good, why should you offer a blended beverage menu… Blended drinks account for more than 40% of espresso drink sales. The blended drink market is one that many do not see for what it truly is, a […]